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The Chevy Trax is Scary Good

The Chevy Trax is always road-ready, even when your friend calls you to meet him 45 minutes away from the city to try and scare you... Cue the Halloween music!

Recent Videos

The Smart SUV: Chevy Trax

Everyone knows what SUV stands for... Smart Urban Vanessa! Wait... that's not right.

Chevy's Super SUVs!

Unlock your Chevy's super powers, including super strength, lightning-fast connection and off-roading adaptability! (Not invisibility... sorry Brady).

Chicago Weather Calls for the Chevy Trax

Welcome to the Chevy Weather Center! While the weather in Chicago may be unpredictable, the Chevy Trax is not. Take on the Windy City in the Smartest Urban Vehicle out there.

Team Chevy March Lineup: The SUV MVPs!

Erik & (Coach) Brady deliver a passionate post-game report in the Chevy Locker Room, featuring the star-studded Chevy lineup!

Custom Blackhawks Camaro, as told by Erik & Brady

We're giving away the custom Chicago Blackhawks Camaro (by the way, it's not Erik's car)!

Chicago Winters, Friendsgiving, and the Chevy Traverse

Erik & Brady cozy up in the Chevy Traverse - perfect for Chicago winters, Friendsgiving, and all your other holiday needs.

Chevy Trax Dinosaurs

Erik & Brady introduce The Chevy T-Rax... ahem... Trax.

New Season, New 2018 Chevy Equinox

With summer coming to an end in Chi-Town, Erik & Brady head into fall in the all-new 2018 Chevy Equinox.

More Chevy Less Money with a Chevy Lease

Erik and Brady learn how to get more Chevy for less money

Get More for Less with a Chevy Lease

An extra hour of sunshine, more encore's great when you can get more for less.

Find New Deals

Brady goes full spy-mode looking for Chevy deals in the Chevy Cruze. Find deals (real ones) today at

Lights Down Low

Erik and Brady hang out in the 2017 Chevy Trax and get a surprise visit while listening to "Lights Down Low" on Apple Car Play.

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